Dr.G.Sundhar  Krishnan

Dr.G.Sundhar Krishnan

Dr. med.
BIODATA Name: Dr. G.SUNDHAR KRISHNAN MBBS, DLO, MS (ENT) PhD: Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery .Designation: 1. Medical Director Senior Consultant (ENT, Head and Neck & Endoscopic Skull Base Surgeon) Krishna Eye & ENT hospitals, Day Care Endoscopic Head & Neck Super Speciality Centre T. Nagar, Chennai - 600017 2. Former Professor Department of E.N.T & Head and Neck Surgery Upgraded Institue Of Oto Rhino Laryngology Madras Medical College, Chennai. 3. Visiting Consultant - New Hope Hospitals Date of Birth: 16-02-59 Author: A Practical Manual on Endoscopic Ear Surgery - 2005 Live surgical workshops with first day solely dedicated for demonstration of about 10 cases of endoscopic ear surgeries organized by Krishna Eye and ENT Hospitals, Chennai: 1. OTOENDOSCON 2005 Endoscopic Ear Surgery - Exclusive 2. ESBEES 2007 “Endoscopic Skull Base and Endoscopic Ear Surgery” 3. ENDOORL in Aug 08 4. ENDO ORL HNS in April 2010 5. ENDO ORL in Feb 2012 6. ENDO ORL & Skull Base 6th live endoscopic surgical workshop (26th to 28th Feb 2016) Faculty for surgical demonstration and Interactive sessions: 1. Temporal bone dissection, 2. Endoscopic sinus surgery 3. Endoscopic ear surgery at: a) Madras Medical College, Chennai (1st All India Congress & Workshop on endoscopic ear surgery in 2004) b) Kolkatta c) Kollam, Kerala d) Kuppam, e) Hyderabad 4.Endoscopic nose and ear surgeries Nagercoil – Dec 2005 5.Endoscopic Dacryocystorhinostomy Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Egmore, Chennai. 1996 Guest Lectures: 1. Endoscopic Ear Surgery- My experiences!! at AOI Kerala in 2001 2. Endoscopic Ear Surgery- What’s new?? at AOI Kerala in 2003 3. Endoscopic Ear Surgery – How I do it!! at Indian Society of Otology ISOCON 2004 4. Endoscopic Tympanomastoidectomy at Dr.T.V.Krishna Rao Symposium- Lucknow 2006 5. Faculty at the Live surgical workshop on Endoscopic ear surgery at AOI Kolkatta in 2011 6. “Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery-My experience” 1st National Convention of Indian Academy of Otorhinolaryngology & Head and Neck surgery Chairperson: 1. 1st National Convention of Indian Academy of Otorhinolaryngology & Head and Neck surgery 2. Management of thyroid malignancy at 19th Tamil Nadu AOI Conference,Yercaud,Salem 3. 1st All India Sri Ramachandra CME in ENT from 11th to 15th February 2017 Papers Published: 1. 4 hands reaching out endoscopically to the pitutary – our experience of 500 cases, Odisha Journal of otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, volume XI (1) January2017 49-53 2. Localised laryngeal amyloidosis endoscopic excision- Case report (Otorhinolaryngology online journal 2013,Vol 3 Issue 3 Pages:104-06) 3. Endoscopic management of unsafe ear with soft tissue reconstruction of attic wall-Case series (Odisha Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and HNS) Accepted for publication 2013 4. Above the Dermoid into Dermoid –Expanded endoscopic two nostril four hand technique (Case report) Indian Journal of Otolaryngology Head Neck Surgery Apr-Jun 2016,68(2):254-256 5. Endoscopic Intraoral approach to parapharyngeal mass(Case series) Journal of evidence based medicine and healthcare 2016,Volume 3(63)3414-3418 6. Endoscopic stapedectomy 7. Endoscopic management of Rathke’s Cleft Cyst (Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck surgery, special issue II:2005 Papers presented: 1. Dumb Bell Tumor of the Parotid –Asia Oceanic Conference 1989 -New Delhi 2. Removal of JNA the endoscopic way 2000 AOICON 3. A new addition to FESS instruments 2000 AOICON South Zone State Conference 4. A paper on primary malignancy septal cartilage 5. Management of recurrent JNA with extrapharyngeal extension 6. Modes of presentation of JNA – 2001 7. Endoscopic approach to orbital tumours -2005 8. Management of benign parapharyngeal and oropharyngeal tumours -2005 9. Surgical management of CSF otorhinorrhoea repair -2005 10. Evolving methods in endoscopic CSF rhinorrhoea repair -2005 11. Surgical management of multiparagangliomas-2005 12. Endoscopic management of rhino ocular fungal sinusitis-2005 13. Endoscopic medial maxillectomy -2005 14. An interesting case of swelling in submandibular region -2005 15. Papers on Endoscopic Management of clival chordoma, fungal involvement of sinuses and orbit, and parapharyngeal tumors were accepted at the Anglo American ENT Conference held in July 2008 at DUBLIN 16. 63rd Annual conference AOICON – 2011 [Presented results of hearing post endoscopic stapedectomy] 17. Rhinology (AOI Salem branch-2016) 18. Presented about 100 papers at various State and All India Conferences 19. Presented about 10 papers in State and All India Level during post graduate period 20. IWGEES 1st World Congress on Endoscopic Ear Surgery, Dubai, UAE, April 19th - 21st, 2015 Gold medals: For endoscopic stapedectomy- Best Video at Trivandurum in 1998 Though presented in 97 at Kodaikanal 1. Endoscopic management of orbital tumors – 2002 -Trichur South Zone Conference 2. Endoscopic Optic Nerve and Orbital Decompression -2003-Tamil Nadu State Conference, Thanjavur 3. Endoscopic tympanomastoidectomy – ENTER 2004 Tamilnadu State Conference, 2004 4. Best P.G .paper – South Zone Conference, Pondichery -2005 5. Evolution in the treatment of C.S.F Rhinorrhoea 6. For innovative paper- Endoscopic approach for parapharyngeal tumour at Tiruchy by All India ENT Association,Tamil Nadu branch Challenging cases performed: 1. Performed over 750 cases of CSF rhinorrhea repair and over 1000 cases of pituitary tumour removal endoscopically. 2. Optic nerve schwannoma with intra cranial extension 3. Orbitocerebrorhino fungal disease {Without craniotomy or exenteration of orbit} 4. C.S.F. Otorhinorrhoea 5. Juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma with skull base and intra cranial extension 6. Removal of benign Parapharyngeal tumors and modified lacrimal sac surgery with 99% success including re surgery cases, traumatic cases and congenital cases 7. Secondary papilloedema by optic nerve sheath fenestration Conferences / Workshops Attended: 1. South zone ENT conference – 98 – Bangalore 3rd Annual SESI conference of workshop with ENT expo 2000 2. Phonosurgery live workshop – Apollo – 2002 Feb Coimbatore 3. ENTER – Madurai – 2004 4. EESCOM – Dec 2005 – faculty – Kanyakumari 5. 16th Annual conference of Indian society of otology ISOCON – 2007- Hyderabad 6. Erode – ENT update – 2008 7. Smart FESS 2009 – International workshop on endoscopic sinus surgery – Cochin Jan 20 8. AOICON – 2010 Mumbai 9. 6th endonasal Endocopic Skull base workshop Mumbai – 2010. 10. 10th FHMO – IFHMOS 10 Coimbatore OCT – 10th Bangalore 11. CME programe Pondicherry 2011 12. 63rd Annual conference AOICON – 11 (Presented results of hearing post endoscopic stapedectomy) 13. FESS workshop at KKR – Aug 2011 14. E – BOSS 2011 August – Trichy 15. 20th workshop on Fess 9th to 11th Dec – 2011- Hyderabad – MAA 16. MERF – obstructive sleep apnoea – Dec 2011 17. Balloon sinoplasty – 2011 jan AOICON 11 18. AoIcon 2011 – Rhinology CSF rhinnorhea 19. 20th Workshop on FESS 2011 – Dec – Hyderabad 20. 17 th workshop on FESS Feb 2011- Hyderabad 21. FESS workshop in KKR – Aug 2012 22.17th Annual Tamil Nadu State AOI conference (26-28 September 2014) 23.1st National Convention of IAOHNS (12-14 Dec 2014) 24. MEGA FESS 2015 organised by GV ENT Centre from 16th to 17th January 2015 25. Transnasal Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery Workshop (27th Feb-1st March 2015) 26.2nd Live Surgical workshop on Snoring and Sleep apnea (7th & 8th March 2015) 27.EBOSS 2015 (11th to 13th October 2015) 28.ISOCON 2016 held by AOI Mallapuram Chapter (18th to 20th November 2016) 29.MERF OTOVAGANZA on February 24-26th 2017 Member: 1. The Association of Otolaryngologists of India (AOI) 2. AOI Chennai Branch (Joint Secretary from 1997 to 1998) 3. Sinus Endoscopy Society of India 4. International Society of Otology 5. IAOHNS (Founder Life Member) 6. IWGEES- international working group of Endoscopic Ear Surgeons Fields of Interest in research: Endoscopy of Skull Base Lateral Skull Base, Cochlear Implant Media Presentations: Sun TV, AIR, Jaya TV Languages Known: Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, English, Hindi Future Plans: Starting Head & Neck Centre with emphasis on Endoscopy & Research at Chennai first of its kind in Asia

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