World Implant Expo 2023

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Veranstaltungsort: Le Méridien Kochi, Kochi, Indien
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Frist: von: 2023-11-26 bis: 2023-11-28
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Anzeigen: 1736

The World Implant Expo 2023 is a global event that unites implantologists worldwide to improve their skills and knowledge in implant practice. The Expo is designed by pioneers in implantology, with a specific focus on a critical topic of implant failures and strategies for transforming them into successful outcomes. Additionally, attendees will learn how to manage complications that arise in day-to-day implant practice.

By attending, they'll have the opportunity to learn from experienced clinicians and peers, sharing their failures and success stories, which will enable them to minimize failure and take the right actions to achieve success. Since all implantologists aim to provide the best possible care to their patients, attending the World Implant Expo will keep you up-to-date on the latest advances and techniques in implant practice.

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