Pharma Clinical 2022

Veranstalter: Reuters Events
Veranstaltungsort: Virtual event,
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Frist: von: 2022-05-17 bis: 2022-05-19
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Reuters Events: Pharma Clinical 2022 – Redefine the benchmarks for Clinical trials success!

This is the event where clinical leaders will create a truly inclusive, sustainable, and accountable ecosystem. Where clinical innovation standards are established and made permanent to improve patient experiences. Where diversity, accountability and empowerment aren't just slogans. Where access is simple and accessible to everyone. Where people seek for inspiration and leadership in these extraordinary times of immense possibility.

Reuters Events: Pharma Clinical 2022 (May 17-19, 2022, Virtual) is where progress happens. Clinical 2022 is the new gathering place for global clinical professionals and designed to capitalise on the current wave of change, build on this period of innovation, and usher in a new era of clinical trials embodying the values of co-creation. Join hundreds of clinical innovators and executives from real-world evidence, medical affairs, and patient centricity functions, as well as major regulatory bodies, providers, and patient advocates, to forge strong partnerships and gain unique insights. The time has come to join our movement.


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