Digital Health 2022

Veranstalter: Reuters Events
Veranstaltungsort: Mission Bay Resort, San Diego, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
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Frist: von: 2022-04-26 bis: 2022-04-27
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Realize the potential of technology in healthcare

Virtual, predictive, preventative care is the new normal. And it is here to stay

Reuters Events: Digital Health is the place where the standard is set by 300+ executives for the delivery of quality virtual, predictive, affordable and equitable care. Our world-leading forum is where leaders of health systems, payers, policy makers, pharma and health tech converge to realize the transformative potential of technology in healthcare.

The 4 key themes healthcare leaders unite around:

1. Create the foundations of Digital Health: Data and operations
Build integrated care systems that effectively track the journey of each individual patient. Implement AI and machine learning for more efficient data analysis. Harness the power of real time data to monitor your hospitals resources, avoid shortages and drastically improve patient safety.

2. Regulation, payments models and population health
Impact reimbursement discussions to see that you are supported economically for your offering of digital health solutions. Assess the impact of ‘Direct to Consumer’ models on your business and position yourself accordingly in an increasingly competitive market. Leverage community collaborations and interoperability to better understand population health and address gaps in your care provision.

3. Self-health, consumerization, and health at home
Build and sustain patient engagement with remote monitoring solutions. Ensure disadvantaged or disconnected populations are not left behind in the digital health era. Maximise the digital literacy of your patients and your clinicians.

4. Diversify and develop your virtual health offering
Provide a hybrid care model fit for post-pandemic society. Better capture patient data via telehealth to provide more informed clinical assessments virtually. Ensure quality control of telehealth consultations across your organisation to increase patient safety and satisfaction.

Who will attend

  • Payers: Take a leading role on defining new digital, patient-centric care delivery models that deliver greater value-based care
  • Providers: Drive the digital health agenda to increase access and quality of healthcare through technological innovation, whilst driving organization efficiencies
  • Tech: From consumer devices, to medical services, medical devices and healthcare marketplaces Big Tech innovators and Health Tech start-ups re-imagine the business of health in the digital age
  • Pharma: Collaborate with stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum to better understand the patient, generate real world evidence and define the future of digital health and therapeutics

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