FIME 2021

FIME 2021

Veranstalter: FIME, Miami Beach
Veranstaltungsort: Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, Florida, US
Webseite: Auf Seite
Frist: von: 2021-09-01 bis: 2021-09-03
Kosten: kostenlose Teilnahme
Anzeigen: 2003

Experience the new FIME

Whether in person or online, FIME now represents more meaningful meetings, a more productive use of your time and a higher return on your investment.

What's new?

In a changing world and with limited resources, we realize it’s more important than ever to spend your time and money wisely. So, we've completely redefined the whole FIME platform, from online to the in-person event.

With our new Connections Experience (CX) at its heart, FIME now includes:

  • A two-month series of online networking in addition to the live event, giving you more time to engage with and convert valuable contacts.
  • New easy-to-use tools to help more desired connections find you. Tailored 'Trade Focus' days, and targeted opportunities to showcase, present, connect and transact.
  • The in-person event to help you strengthen relationships, showcase your products, and solidify partners.

Live in-person: September 1-3, 2021
Online: August 2 - October 1, 2021

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