14th International Live Surgery Congress

Veranstalter: Intercongress
Veranstaltungsort: Hanover Messe (NORD/LB forum), 3. Allee 3. Strasse Messegelände (Nordallee), 30521 Hanover, Deutschland
Webseite: Auf Seite
Frist: von: 2022-11-11 bis: 2022-11-12
Kosten: 700 - 800 EUR
Das Veranstaltungsprogramm: siehe
Anzeigen: 1720

UPDATE: Congress cancellation: „International Live Surgery Congress Shoulder 2022“

Despite great optimism and anticipation that the congress in November 2022 can take place as planned, it is with a heavy heart that the event must be cancelled for the following reasons:

Lack of planning certainty

Due to the internationality and the many live operations, the congress requires an extremely high level of planning security, which unfortunately is not given by the Corona situation. At this point in time, we unfortunately cannot foresee what are the guidelines in November 2022.

Changed personnel situation in the clinics

The staff situation in the clinics is very precarious due to the Corona pandemic, so that the personnel resources, which are needed for the congress, cannot be planned.

As soon as the concept, the location and the date for 2023 are fixed, we will re-advertise the congress.

Thank you very much for your loyalty and understanding!


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